domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Caminho das Indias - Brazil e India

My last hollidays I went to Brazil, Bombinhas Saint Catherine State.

I met a woman at the resort, she was very interesting into the relation between India and Brazil ahd she explained to me what she was researching.

Big surprised!! When I came back to my apt I watched on TV a soap. Its title "Caminho das Indias". It was amazing Brazil showing trough the soap the indian culture. Really interesting to see how TV begins to construct an effect of reality the relation between Indies and brazilians.
I´ve watched the soap every day in Brazil and now that I'm in Argentina I saw it every day on the globo page and I'm trying to study the indian culture and its regime of truth.
In my nexts posts I will begin to show what I find out.

3 comentarios:

  1. Claro, para entender un régimen de verdad no hay nada mejor que observar como funciona otro diferente. Estaremos esperando los futuros post.

  2. é muito entretida, eu já tenho assistido; e até dá pra culturizar mesmo.