lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Caminho das Indias_ Introducing into the indian culture

Indian society is socially divided by “castas” founded by the Indian religion from the latin (castus) that means pure.
But it’s not a class division, it doesn’t refer if you’re reach or poor. You born and die in one casta and is hereditary to your sons and daughters.
The casta refers what you are and is unchangeable.
In the highest point of the social pyramid we find the bramanes who teaches the sacred texts, they came from Brahma’s mouth. In the second place we have the shatriyas (warriors and governers), from Brahma’s arms, then the vaisyas (sellers) Brahma’s legs, in the fourth place the sudras (farmers) Brahma’s feet.
And they have people without casta or Dalits or untouchable. They are pariahs.

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